Lough Eske 1998

Dave Walsh of Blather.net brought to light an article published in The Star, regarding an alleged monster sighting in Lough Eske, County Donegal. 

On June 28, 1998 dinners at Harvey's Point Hotel north of the town of Donegal reportedly spotted an animal swimming in the lake which they perceived as a monster.  Absent from the article is any sort of description of the object, instead quotes were wasted on dubious theories purporting some connection between Lough Eske and Loch Ness.

Sometime in fall of that same year I took a visit to the Harvey's Point Hotel in hopes of obtaining details surrounding the incident.  It was explained to me that the event transpired on a particularly busy day and while it was apparent something in the lake was exciting a group of customers, none of the staff was able to divert themselves in time to see what was causing the fuss.  Since then Gary has been informed by an associate that the entire event was supposedly nothing more than a staged hoax.