County Kerry
Lough Lackagh

A correspondent of F.W. Holiday's  by the name of Mr. Wood was regarded as a well experienced fisherman with over 30 years of angling underneath his belt.  Mr. Wood claims that in 1966 he spotted a strange animal in Lough Attariff of County Cork.  
Mr. Wood was fishing from a small mound on the lake's edge when a yellowish-brown figure about seven feet long surfaced a few yards directly in front of him.  It remained only briefly before submerging. 
"I used to fish in my folding boat but have stayed on the shore since my last encounter," he wrote in a letter to Holiday.

Lough Lackagh is a small bog pool near Killarney in Kerry.  Visiting the area, Ted Holiday and Holly Arnold of the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau approached an elderly couple living in a cottage near the pool.  The two "stoutly denied the possibility of anything unusual being in the lake."   However, Mr. Wood had tipped that their son, despite the parent's claim, had a sighting from the same lake. 

Upon being questioned the son acknowledged that he had witnessed a strange animal in Lackagh.  Near some of the reeds he observed several feet of a snake-like neck, with a small head and two stumpy horns.  "It scared the life out of me," he claimed. 

Holiday, perhaps thrown off by the conflicting statements of the two generations, asked Mr. Wood, "if these things are in so many lakes, people must see them.  You'd think it would be widely known."  To this Wood replied, "I rather think that what's happening there is the people are too reluctant...They're shy in case they're made to look foolish."

Mr. Wood stated that the following year he observed another strange animal in Lake Lackagh of County Kerry.

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