Be it paranormal or politics, history or hysteria; Dave Walsh's brainchild "Blather" covers a wide array of alternative topics, each topped with a special seasoning of dry wit.
Connemara's very own, complete with an in depth historical overview of the region, a collection of photographs testifying to the landscape's natural beauty and accommodation guidance for interested visitors.  

Island Ireland
An extensive directory for "Irish art, culture and environment with hand-picked links to Irish history, architecture, music, news, genealogy, travel, literature, folk culture, archaeology, the Irish language and more...."   -to say the least!

McGough Miscellanea
An extensive review of the McGough lineage on both sides of the Atlantic with an interesting note on the presence of exotic animals in Irish coats of arms.

Irish Culture Guide
A thorough directory site with a large selection for mythology and folklore. (Nifty design too.)

Legendary Tours
Story-teller Richard Marsh leads groups to prehistoric, historical and legendary sites to tell stories of magic and mystery, heroic deeds and monumental folly, cunning tricks and black humour from the most vibrant traditional literature of Europe.

Achill Island 24/7
Information on arts and culture on Achill Island, Co Mayo, a remote and rugged island that has been home to several monster sightings. See our own page of reports of monster sightings on Achill for details.

Irish Culture and Customs
One killer of a site when it comes to the culture and many customs of Ireland. Brush up on your apologetic Irish tongue (Ní thuigim thú!) or impress your friends by memorizing prestigious quotes.

Shannon Regional Fisheries Board
A Complete Angling Guide and Fisheries Resource Information to the Shannon Fisheries Region.

Searc's Web Guide to Irish Resources on the Internet
A web guide that only links to the best sites of given subjects. Hence you'll notice listed {under Zoology -about time!}, as it is by far the best website out there concerning Irish Lake Monsters. Searc's is all about the quality, not quanity.

Athlone at Your Finger Tips
The power site for the town of Athlone. Check out the overview on animals living in or along Lough Ree.

Mythical Ireland
Learn about the unexpected complexities behind Ireland's Stone Age monuments as well as other mysteries of ancient Ireland.

Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs
Official website of the Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs, representing over seven thousand pike anglers throughout Ireland. Website contains news, angling information and has an online message forum.



Strange Ark
Chad Arment's comprehensive website on cryptozoology is a great place to start yet with enough rare material to keep readers coming back.  Be sure to check out NABR!

Loch Ness Investigation
Dick Raynor's LNI is an absolute must for anyone interested in the phenomenon of lake monster sightings.  Raynor builds a convincing case as to how optical illusions can create convincing monsters.  An eye-opening experience and an invaluable series of lessons for any would-be monster hunters.  

Center for Fortean Zoology
British based CFZ is a non-for-profit organization active in the pursuit of unknown animals on an international scale.    

British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club
North America's leading cryptozoology organization (of which the author is a member) with a particular focus devoted to Canada's diverse array of mysterious fauna. 

Global Underwater Search Team
With expeditions across northern Europe, Jan Sundberg's GUST has been conducting expeditions in search of lake monsters since 1975 often with the latest in modern technology.


Ancient Mysteries

Mysterious Britain
A collection of old myths and modern mysteries through England, Scotland and Wales.