Photographs, Witness Sketches,
Artists' Reconstructions

As the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words".  There are those who rationalize something can't exist unless it can be photographed first.  Sometimes a crude sketch will draw more stir than the most vivid of testimonies.  And more lasting than the two combined is the embroidering illustrations concocted by skilled artists.   Pictures help us comprehend the unknown and in a way they help us to partake in someone else's remarkable experience.  Unfortunately however, they've also been exploited as a quick ticket to fame.  Practically from the start hoaxers have conjured up fake photographs at the expense of the unwary.  There have also been honest sketches that later became distorted or modified to fit within a believer's pet theory.  Photographs and drawings are certainly more entertaining than pouring over text but they're next to worthless by themselves.           


Photographs Witnesses Sketches Artistic Reconstruction